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Nineteen Sixty Four (The Website) is a personal website and blog that I am also using as a WordPress development website for my web design business. Even though WordPress has been around since 2003 it has never been something that interested me as many sites created in WordPress all look the same and as a ‘blog’ it didn’t really serve the business needs of many of my clients.

Increasingly clients are looking for ways to save money and take control of their online presence. Trying to provide the ability for website owners to update their website is one of the I.T. worlds greatest challenges. There are currently so many options available that offer features far beyond what most people will ever learn need choosing just one is not an easy task. The only tangible benefits I’ve found using WordPress is how quickly it can be set-up and handed over to a client and how many developers there are available to customise it, often for less than the price of a sandwich… these don’t really seem like great benefits but given the changing landscape of web design (or lack of design) maybe it IS the answer.

The popularity of WordPress has seen so many people creating themes, plug-ins and other add-on components that it is almost impossible to select the combination that will work flawlessly for each application without having to search, install, remove and repeat several times.

Fast forward five years and my knowledge of WordPress is approaching ‘intermediate’ I’m quite comfortable doing most things but there are still so many combinations of themes, plug-ins and other styling elements that I don’t think I will ever become ‘expert level’ which is ok, I think that most people will never fully get WordPress and that’s ok.

I have played around with several ‘visual builder’ products and my current favourite is Divi Builder by Elegant Themes, the main point I like is the licensing is one license which you can use across all your projects.

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Tasmania and pay respect to the ongoing living cultures of First Peoples

Share a song from your Teens

This week I was given the Facebook challenge to 'share a song from your teens' everyday for seven days... music had always been such a big part of...

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Nineteen Sixty Four

It was most likely a warm day on the day I was born, well it was summer in the northern hemisphere and I would like to believe the weather was...

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Six Months On

Today marks six months since a State of Emergency was issued for Victoria, many things would change, over the first few days industry colleagues and...

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A toolbox full of memories

I always feel nostalgic when I move my toolbox, at over 200 kilograms I mostly have to empty all the tools out before I can lift it, you end up...

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And just like that its 2020

And just like that it's 2020... For me 2019 was a year of change, with many highs and a couple of low points to keep me grounded - I ruled the page...

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Leaking oil is bad

Sometimes when you think you have everything sorted you come outside and find oil on the ground. Oil on the ground, specifically differential oil is...

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