Despite my adventure on the train yesterday I’m not really a train person, today I realised how unprepared I am without a vehicle to provide the necessary comforts that I have become used too.

I like to be prepared, I like to have a rain jacket and a warm jumper, I often have a tin of tuna or something that would sustain me in a (short term) crisis, since buying my van I can carry coffee and mostly always do, I have a fridge, a small stove and some cooking gear, I have a mattress and bedding and would think nothing of pulling over at a wayside or truck stop for a break if needed. Back in the late ’80’s when I used to sell workshop equipment I would often head away for a few days in the truck and simply sleep in the back, this allowed me to save a few bucks and often gave me the opportunity to stop somewhere really great along the way. Once I finalise the van layout I’ll be carrying a microwave and even a portable toilet, at that point I’ll be really prepared and the option of staying somewhere in the van will be made all the easier.

Today I left home and didn’t really consider the weather, something I don’t often do anyway but when you’re going to be away from home for twelve hours, with some walking and Melbourne’s unpredictable weather thrown in, the need for a few more resources starts to be more important, I’m currently wearing shorts and although I have a jumper I certainly didn’t prepare for the early rain… so far the weather is holding but I could easily get soaked just getting back to the train station. I guess everyone has their own ‘level’ of preparedness, (or maybe for some people a lack of preparedness) I’m certainly not a ‘prepper’ but I do like to have some control over stuff, travelling in my own vehicle seems to be part of this mindset.

I think I’ll give the train another go tomorrow… but I might just check the weather too.

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