I always feel nostalgic when I move my toolbox, at over 200 kilograms I mostly have to empty all the tools out before I can lift it, you end up smelling like one of the hundreds of jobs you’ve done in workshops and sheds and on the side of the road in the pouring rain and freezing cold.

The bent and welded spanners remind you of the jobs that tested you and the lengths you went to to get things running smoothly again – I still have tools I bought with Dad in the ’70’s with money I got for birthdays and Christmas, I still have tools to fix long forgotten vehicles and repair things that mostly get thrown away these days – my toolbox has served me well for 40+ years and I’m not ready to retire it just yet.

Share a song from your Teens

This week I was given the Facebook challenge to 'share a song from your teens' everyday for seven days... music had always been such a big part of...

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Nineteen Sixty Four

It was most likely a warm day on the day I was born, well it was summer in the northern hemisphere and I would like to believe the weather was...

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Six Months On

Today marks six months since a State of Emergency was issued for Victoria, many things would change, over the first few days industry colleagues and...

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And just like that its 2020

And just like that it's 2020... For me 2019 was a year of change, with many highs and a couple of low points to keep me grounded - I ruled the page...

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Leaking oil is bad

Sometimes when you think you have everything sorted you come outside and find oil on the ground. Oil on the ground, specifically differential oil is...

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