Nineteen Sixty Four

It was most likely a warm day on the day I was born, well it was summer in the northern hemisphere and I would like to believe the weather was nice… But who am I kidding I really don’t remember much of my early childhood years, I do remember playing in the snow in my yard (wearing short pants) around the time I first went to pre-school but apart from a couple of memories it was not until we came to Australia in 1969 that I started to be able to recall events and places.

The most significant event that happened on my birthday was the signing by U.S. President Lyndon Johnson of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law, abolishing racial segregation in the United States. Within Australia several significant events happened including the opening of  the Tasman Bridge over the Derwent River in Hobart, the re-introduction of National Service and the setting by Donald Campbell of both land and water speed records.

I’m sure I’ll go back and visit other world events but for now this blog is about my life and the events that I’ve been involved with so here goes… I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat of an adventurer, packing up with the family and moving across the world was certainly more adventure than most five year olds experienced but this isn’t where it started, during the years before we moved to Australia the family owned a curious vehicle know as a Bedford Dormobile

Bedford Dormobile

Bedford Dormobile

The Bedford Dormobile allowed British families to travel the country with a reasonable level of comfort and facilities.

With seats that converted to beds, cupboards to store food and other creature comforts the Dormobile was a ‘lifestyle’ vehicle the likes of which had never before been seen.

I’m not sure where we went in our ‘home on wheels’ although I’m sure that these early travels set in motion a lifetime of interest in camping, travel, alternative housing and a love of being on the road that has stayed with me into my adult life.